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The general adjudication of Arizona water rights continues at a snail’s pace in part because of ADWR’s limited funding.

Several major issues relating to VV water rights are currently being considered.

On December, 12, 2017 a MINUTE ENTRY Order was filed on the issues of testing and procedures to determine is wells located outside the subflow zone are pumping groundwater and/or subflow. A copy is below. The right to use water from many wells in the VV will be affected.

On December 14, 2017, Salt River Project filed a Motion for determination of effect of ARS 45-141(C) nonuse forfeiture provisions on water rights initiated before June 12, 1919. Major water users are now arguing over whether the Court should at this time rule on the issues raised by SRP’s Motion.

Even though Verde Valley Water Users, Inc. is not filing documents or participating in court hearings, our positions are being presented by major water users.

As important court decisions are entered you will be informed.